Smoking is Harmful to Mental Health

Three new U.S. research shows that the cigarette smoking is harmful not only for physical health, but that can lead to deep depression.

The U.S. Minister of Health Regina Benjamin recently issued a statement on the impact of smoking on the human body as a whole, according to the Voice of America.

The report concluded that the negative effects of tobacco on health status, said Dr Benjamin and specifies that the smoke enters the bloodstream quickly and damages any organ. Even occasional smoking, she said, or inhaling someone else’s smoke can lead to serious illness or death.
Just one cigarette, or exposure to other people’s smoke can cause heart attack, said the report. Dr Benjamin advises that those who try to quit do not give up these efforts. Cigarette smoking is common in the military, in war zones. Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress, often seek refuge in tobacco.

Professor Miles Mekfajl and Dr. Andrew Saxon of the Military Hospital in Seattle have published a study after testing 900 military veterans. Doctors are half the soldiers treated for post-traumatic stress, is also trying to quit smoking, and the other half just from stress.

In Spain the week comes into force one of the strictest laws prohibiting smoking in enclosed public places in Europe, according to “command” of the European Union.

Spaniards, after the Greeks and Bulgarians, until now the most feared smokers in the EU at midnight will have to refrain from the habit not only in workplaces, railway stations, subway, airports and other closed, and in some cases and open public spaces, but in restaurants and cafes.

According to the directive of the European Commission (EC), all EU members will by 2012. The need to introduce a similar ban on smoking in public places, and the main explanation is that spending a year as a result of tobacco causes more than 100,000 people, including thousands of “passive smoking”.

Veterans who were treated and the stress and smoking are twice the number given up cigarettes, the result of the study. Research at the University, “Brown” has shown that smoking cessation actually pleases people. Is accompanied by more than 200 smokers who wanted to quit. They were given special stickers against nicotine, counseling and set a date of termination. Participants in the study were subjected to standard test for depression before and after smoking cessation.

Those who stopped smoking had very low levels of depression. In contrast, those who are stopped and again began to smoke were better mood when they are not smoked, and depressed when they started again. Doctors at the University, “Brown” claiming that people are happier if you do not smoke. They hope that this research podstacii people to stop smoking, especially when they realize that the cessation can lead happier and healthier life, according to American radio.


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