“I am glad I used the Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes system to become a non smoker because it was so easy to follow and made me feel great during and after the Hypnosis and I really feel like I will not smoke again because I like this fresh feeling!”
Thank you Dave and Sharon.
I heard of Hypnotherapy treatment from a friend that went to see Dave to try and give up smoking, and from one session she had not smoked again. I have had a weight problem since I was about 30 years old, I am now 68, I am what you would call a chocoholic, having tried many diets, I would lose it and put it back on again, so I thought, try this and if I had no luck just give up.
So I went to see Dave, a very nice man, and spent half an hour telling him all my bad habits, chocolate the worst one, he asked me if I wanted to give it up for good or just a short time, I said for ever, so Dave did the hypnotherapy. That evening my husband offered me a chocolate coated peanut, just to test me, I just had one, and thought not much to it, and since then I have not eaten chocolate or had the desire to have any.
I keep a tin with fun bars in it for my grandchildren, and when I was up at night, which is just about every night, I would eat the fun bars, but now the desire has gone for chocolate and the tin stays full.

I also spoke to Sharon a partner of Dave's that does Nutrition and the things Sharon told me, put me on the right way to eat, I now have a cooked breakfast and eat more than I have ever,eaten before and since the first time I saw Dave I have lost weight slowly, it is the best thing I have ever done in my life for weight loss, I cannot thank him enough and Sharon too.

One other thing I would like to tell you is I suffer with restless legs, Dave saw this when he read my report of things that I have had or still have, and he said I could try to help you with this with magnetic treatment. so I said I will give it a go.
After the first treatment for this, my legs did not seem much better, I was still having a job to sit in the evenings, and up 2 to 3 hours in the night with the legs, Dave said come and have another go free, so I did.
Now I can sit in the evenings, and go to bed and sleep all night, might have the odd restlessness, but it soon goes, it is hard to believe that one man can have such power over ones subconscious, I will always be so grateful to Dave.
I have not put my name to this but if any one would like to talk to me about this, I have given Dave permission to give out my phone number, I live in Padbury.

LL, Padbury
"I am glad I used the Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes system to become a non smoker because I will now look at my life in a new light - healthier, happier and more successful in my goals."
I have smoked since I was 14, I am now 42.
I did enjoy smoking but decided for my own health and family I needed to quit!
All it took was 1 phone call and I am now a proud non-smoker.
My partner still smokes and this does not bother me and I am so thankful for the help in becoming a non-smoker.

Sandra, Munster
"I am glad I used the Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes system to become a non smoker because I have smoked approximately 50 per day for a long time and tried to quit many times with no success. It is now 72 hours since I undertook the above system and I have had no desire to smoke. In fact I don't even think about cigarettes!"
"I am glad I used the Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes system to become a non smoker because I needed help to kick the habit, the experience was pleasant and I am looking forward to my life as a non-smoker!"

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