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In his earlier years, Dave Allan started to smoke cigarettes because his school friends and parents were smoking. A common reason that many youngsters begin.

Even though his parents, as all parents used to say to their kids, “Don’t smoke, it’s bad for you”, Dave still smoked. After some time he knew that smoking was going to affect his health especially as his father later died from a smoking related disease. And so began his journey to Quit Smoking!

After many attempts at trying to quit and becoming totally frustrated by his failings, he used the power of Hypnosis to quit. Dave had many reasons to quit but none of the reasons seemed to work for him.  He tried quitting for his health, because of the smell, it was becoming anti social etc, until one day he found his drive to quit! The reason was money! The bonus was his health and not ending up like his father who died of a smoking related disease.

So he used the power of his reason, and Hypnosis, to finally break the smoking habit. It was easy once he found his reason, and allowed the power of his sub-consciuous mind to create the reality that was to become a non smoker for life.

After he saw the power of hypnosis and how his own mind created his reality, he started his journey of studing the power of Hypnosis. Dave is now a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist with an Advanced Diploma of Hypnotherapy.

Dave has had the prevlige of assiting thousands of people in Perth and Internationally with Quitting Smoking and many other bad habits, such as Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Fears and Phobias.

Through his own life experiences and qualifications, Dave can help you too!

Dave is down to earth and really does understand your struggles with cigarettes. However from his own failings he can help you short cut your struggles using Hypnotherapy and have you succeed very quickly to be a non smoker for life.


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Dave Allan – Freedom Fighter & Published Author!

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