Fee To Quit

Per session : Only $220

For an extra Hypnotic boost pay only $75 extra For another session within 1 months……..


To be Hypnotised as a permanent Non smoker for life only $350 for 3 sessions within 3 months……….

and with Perth’s Famous Hypnotist you are assured of success !

Dave is the ONLY Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist in Perth who can say he has the most experience in Hypnotising people World wide.

Highly Qualified for Clinical Hypnosis and with his unique Techiques both on Stage, Street or Clinical he is the best in Perth to get anyone into a hypnotic State for Altimate Success.

You need to be Hypnotised by the Best !


Your investment is of course an investment, not a cost! This investment comes as a SPECIALISED quit smoking hypnotherapy session. Your investment will pay for itself in no time and naturally you will agree that you can not put a value on your health and wellbeing. And your investment is just that – an investment in you and your quality of life!

So…….how much will it cost you to stop smoking?

For as little as $220 for a specialist Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy and coaching session with Perth’s #1 Quit Smoking Specialists! 

A Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy and coaching session with Perth’s #1 Quit Smoking Specialists – $220 per session. Remember this is a Specialist Quit Smoking Program!

Many of our clients quit cigarettes in just one specialist quit smoking session. However, generally another session at least is required and so we also have great packages with additional sessions if your prefer, so that you can be the non-smoker you know you are! We are Perth’s #1 Quit Smoking Hypnosis Specialists and we really do care about you becoming a permanent non-smoker.

Quit Smoking Packages: Money savers 

Orange Quit Smoking Package – $295 for 2 sessions within 1 month

Pay for an “ORANGE” quit smoking package of  2 sessions and you only pay $295 which works out to be $147.50 per session – a total saving of $145 (Usual price – 2 sessions @ $220 = $440 – $295 =$ $145 saving ). Extra session Must be used within 1 month of initial session.

Red Quit Smoking Package – $350 – for 3 sessions within 3 months 

Pay for a “RED”quit smoking package of 3 sessions and you only pay $350 which works out to be $117 per session – a total saving of $310. (Usual price – 3 sessions @ $220 = $660) . Must be used within 3 months of intitial session.

Beware of Hypnotherapists who Offer any form of Guarantee as no Hypnotherapists can “Lifetime Guarantee” any outcome!

Beware of Offers with free backups sessions as this only causes a secondary gain to re-start smoking again! The higher price they charge you is for their monetary gain only! Remember we are Specialists in this Field if you have a strong desire to want to Quit, you can very easily QUIT SMOKING with one session at a cheaper price!

We only offer Genuine Professional Service to our clients that will have them be a Non-Smoker for their lifetime – You can opt for above packages to save you some money 💰

We are Specialists in the field of helping people Quit Smoking in Perth and our Hypnotherapists are highly trained to assist you in your success to quit Smoking very quickly and easily.

We accept the following methods of payment: Cash, Credit or EFTPOS.

Cost to quit smoking with hypnosis.
Cash, Credit or Eftpos facilities.


Smoking costs money as well as affecting your health.

Call Sharon at New Dimension Vitality now on 0404 927 350 to make your stop smoking appointment today.