About the Team at New Dimension Vitality – How to Quit Smoking Perth – Joondalup / Fremantle.

Hi, I am David Allan of  New Dimension Vitality in Perth’s Northern and Southern suburbs. I am a are lover of life and enjoy helping people improve their lives and be happier and healthier for it.

On a personal level David has an interest in theology and personal coaching..

I have assisted many people through our Hypnotherapy, newsletters and websites. I am passionate about empowering people to make changes and be the best they can be!

I am also members of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, and it was through this association that Dave completed his “Certified Stage Hypnosis” Training. Dave now conducts Street and Stage Hypnosis around Perth as well as nationally.

Our professional background

We are part of a network of leading specialists using the most effective process available today to assist you to quit cigarettes quickly, simply, now … and this is a system that has worked for thousands of clients.

We both have experience with a wide range of systems and are absolutely committed to helping you become a non-smoker now and back it up with our specialised, successful program. I help to assist people to empower themselves, and all areas of their lives, by ending unhealthy habits and believing in themselves and we are committed to assisting you to be empowered and achieve your quit smoking goal too. I am Perth’s foremost Vitality Success Consultant!

We are specialists in stop smoking hypnosis for Joondalup and Fremantle locals. Our system has proven so powerful and effective predominantly because we take time with you, our client, at the beginning of the session to identify your smoking triggers and reasons for wanting to become a non-smoker. We then use this information and tailor your Quit Cigarettes Hypnotherapy Session specifically to you and your needs. And we can combine this with coaching techniques for your best possible outcome.

I am passionate about assisting you to become a non-smoker for life!

We are fully qualified, highly trained, clinical hypnotherapists! Click here to view our qualifications.

What makes me different and successful in assisting you?

  • I am committed to you, your success and the “system”.
  •  I am dedicated and work diligently to assist you to achieve the result you desire.
  •  I am proficient in many modalities, with many qualifications and are dynamic, Vitality Success Consultants.
  •  I am passionate about ongoing training to ensure we have the highest quality and widest range of techniques available to assist you.
  •  I have two professionally appointed offices – a clinic SOR and a consulting room NOR!
  • I DO NOT conduct group quit smoking hypnosis at our Fremantle or Joondalup offices. Your reasons and triggers are unique to you and as such your session should be unique and private to you.

I am totally committed to ongoing quality improvement of our business at every level of service, from your first contact with us right through to your achievement of your goal of becoming a non-smoker, breathing fresh air for the rest of your life. I have operated a highly successful, evolving business for many years and will continue to do so for many more.

We have 2 locations for your convenience (now operating under the one banner of New Dimension Vitality – 0424 900 427 ):

  1. NOR – Joondalup Area Consulting Room – 40 Binnacle Road, Ocean Reef..
  2. SOR – Fremantle Clinic – Fremantle.

Maps can be viewed on our contact us page and you will notice that both our offices are located in easily accessible venues, close to public transport and local business/shopping districts.

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