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Why Get Help to Quit Smoking Through Dave Allan?

Because David Allan is Perth’s foremost Vitality Success Consultant –  committed to your success!

I am trained and certified through the Australian Academy Of Hypnosis WA as well as Career Accelerators QLD – a Government Accredited Training Organisation –  as well as being registered with relevant associations.

My training in the field of Hypnotherapy is ONGOING so that you can be assured of professional, up to date therapy at all times. We undertake mandatory Continuing Professional Education as part of association memberships. We are experienced in many modalities to ensure we have all the tools required to assist you to achieve your success.

Be aware that just because someone holds membership with a professional association or has a flashy website – it does NOT guarantee that they are “professional” or even competent, unfortunately. Do your homework, phone a prospective hypnotherapy practice, call in and visit, ask questions, ask about their qualifications and government accreditation! Upon contacting us, you will quickly realise that we are professional, we are competent and we genuinely care and are interested in ensuring you get help to stop smoking. Your initial phone conversation with us will answer all your questions, asked or not, about our program.

Also be aware that many of the “so called” quit smoking specialists or quit cigarettes in 60 minutes specialists are not actually qualified clinical hypnotherapists and nor do they have government accreditation! Many of these practitioners have only completed a short 3-4 day training program in quit smoking and not a certificate or diploma level in hypnotherapy/hypnosis. If you want successful, professional hypnosis to stop smoking, ensure you choose a practitioner who is a qualified hypnotherapist, has government accredited training as well as someone who has undertaken specialist quit smoking training. We have government accredited hypnotherapy training as well as specialised quit smoking training – and more!

As sole practitioners previously, I have operated a successful business and have had over 20 years’ experience in the Health & Wellbeing sector. I am well established in business and you can be assured that we will continue to operate our highly successful business for many, many more years to come. For your Professional Hypnosis Session Call Dave on  0424 900 427 

I am fully qualified, highly trained, Government Accredited, Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and Quit Cigarettes Hypnosis Specialist. Dave is also a published author having co-authored the highly acclaimed “How To Get A Bigger Bite Out Of Life”.

Dave Allan - How To Quit Smoking Perh.
Dave Allan

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But Wait, there’s more………….

We offer a fantastic benefit!

We are Perth’s #1 Quit Smoking Hypnosis Specialists and we really do care about you becoming a permanent non-smoker :-)


So, why not offer a Money Back or Lifetime Guarantee?

Quite simply, offering a money back or lifetime guarantee creates conflict in your mind!

Years ago when this technique was first tested, a money back guarantee was offered, and subsequently the success rate dropped. (case studies, follow ups and data compilation carried out by Quantum Change Seminars)

This is because the unconscious mind sometimes has secondary reasons, (we call it secondary gain) for bringing back the smoking habit – for example getting your money back.

Such a guarantee creates an unconscious conflict between the part of your mind that wants to give up smoking and the part of your mind that wants to have the money, so you can start smoking again in an attempt to relieve the conflict. We found a larger number of people than was warranted would come back. So we don’t offer a money back guarantee anymore, instead we provide the the highest quality of professional, clinical hypnotherapy and offer all the tools required to assist you to quit smoking as quickly and easily as you can!  We find that most of our clients usually stop smoking completely after the first session, and offer a reduced price for any follow up sessions, IF REQUIRED.

And having all those extra free back up sessions that come with a lifetime guarantee can set you up for failure. This is because by choosing that option you’re giving yourself permission to fail. With a lifetime guarantee it’s just too easy when you go out drinking, partying or socialising, or being pressured by other smokers, to think “It doesn’t matter if I start smoking again because I can always go back for a free session whenever I need to and as often as I want to”. And in reality – nothing can be guaranteed – except perhaps for death and taxes!

Nothing is more important to us than your success and we want to help as many people as possible to stop smoking, so it just does not make sense to have those money back or lifetime guarantee options if you have decided that you are ready to quit for good and remain a permanent non-smoker!

BEWARE of cheap imitations!!

There are some hypnotherapists offering people an easy way to quit smoking at a reduced rate (although some are at the same premium as specialised therapists). You must be aware of the fine print.

So call NOW on 0424 900 427 to make an appointment at our Joondalup Area Consulting Room or our Fremantle Clinic, so that you too can become a NON-SMOKER with our Specialised Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Program!

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