What Are The Causes Of Heart Disease?

There are quite a lot of illness and diseases that are often quite fatal but one of the most deadly of them is the heart disease. It is the one of the leading cause of death in the US and most major disability is cause by it. Each year in US about 700,000 people have died due to the disease. Heart disease is not just one disease but it’s a name of the number of diseases that affects the heart. It is estimated that the heart disease cause the death of about one person in every 34 seconds in US alone.

What causes the heart diseases

Till date every one thinks or believes that it is hereditary that causes the heart disease but the thing is that it can be a reason behind it but not all of this disease is due to genetic. Recent studies have found that less than 10 % of the heart disease have accounted from hereditary. Well that leaves 90% of other factors that causes this disease. It is very important that you should know all the factors that lead to this deadly disease. The knowledge will help you to avoid or reduce the chances of suffering from any disease relating to the heart.


There are two types of diabetes that most people would suffer from. The type two diabetes which is often cause by overeating or diet that has a hefty amount of sugar may lead to heart disease. The fats, from the food that they eat, are afforded into the blood flow. Over the time it will get accumulated in the arteries.

High blood pressure or hypertension

Heart disease cause by hypertension can be most serious or dangerous of all the causes. Generally it is due to the uncontrolled or prolonged elevation of the blood pressure. When this happens it can result in many changes in the coronary vasculature, conduction system and myocardial structure of the heart.

One of the common complication that hypertension heart disease causes is heart failure. Most of the times, it is unrecognizable partly due to the fact that when heart failure happens the dysfunction heart are not able to create the high blood pressure that becomes difficult to understand  the etiology of heart failure.


If you are a habitual smoker then it is time to quit that bad habit. The carcinogens found in the cigarettes have been one of the main reasons that cause the heart disease.These substances get absorbed into the blood flow and the blood gets contaminated. The nicotine from cigarettes will also get develop in the blood stream. As a result,the blood will get coagulated. The nicotine will also block the valves that lead to the heart increasing the risk of having heart attack.

High cholesterol

Heart attack or chest pain can be the most horrifying illness that can take the life of a person. This heart disease cause by high cholesterol can be very dangerous. It can lead to atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries which subsequently blocks the coronary arteries. Other than heart attack or chest pain there are many problems that blocked arteries cam lead to like stroke, pain in the leg or limping and people can even become disabled.

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