Types Of Diseases Caused By Smoking

Smoking is a serious health hazard. People are usually misled by the fact that cigarettes are sold legally and they are not fully aware how dangerous, addictive and fatal they can be. Smoking causes various truly harmful diseases; from various types of cancer, to heart and cardiovascular diseases and infections.

Here is a list of most common diseases smoking causes

1. Cancer

Smokers unfortunately have an extremely high risk of getting some type of cancer. The reason why this happens is simple: carcinogen is present in tobacco and that is a substance which causes various kinds of cancer: lung cancer, mouth and tongue cancer, and throat and gullet cancer. These diseases are almost always terminal and practically impossible to cure. More than 85% of patients with diagnosed lung cancer for instance, are smoking regularly. Unfortunately, second hand smokers are not protected as well, so they often end up getting sick and that is a real tragedy. There are other types of cancer also related to smoking: pancreatic and bladder cancer, and cervical cancer (female smokers).

2. Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases include heart malfunctions, problems with blood vessels, clogged arteries etc. They are a huge health problem and the major cause of death among smokers. There is a very simple medical explanation: nicotine (from cigarettes) increases the level of cholesterol in our blood. Arteries and veins get harder, they clog and become rigid. Once that happens you are at great risk of having a heart attack or stroke, because of the formation of clots. Smokers often have: thrombosis (coronary or cerebral), leg blockage, stroke or other cerebral diseases.

3. COPD a.k.a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases

COPD is a large group of diseases which cause various breathing difficulties. Bronchitis (regular or chronic), emphysema and shortness of breath are in this category. Once you start smoking and inhaling smoke, you cause damage to your air sacks (or alveoli) and that is the main reason why smokers often suffer from these diseases.

There are other, numerous health conditions and diseases, caused by smoking. All those chemicals present in tobacco are the main reason why smokers often get sick and suffer from all these diseases. Smoking is hazardous for your oral health: teeth suffer and gums often experience problems and soreness. Mouth ulcers are also very common as well as other infections. Skin aging should also be taken seriously, because that is a direct consequence of smoking. Impotence is also connected to smoking, so quit on time before you experience even more difficulties.

Think about your health and future and think about how much money you waste on something that is actually killing you. Protect your friends and family and prevent them from inhaling hazardous second hand smoke. If you are determined to quit – you will be able to do it. Think of all the people who already struggled to quit and succeeded. Lean on your family and friends and ask for their support. Save your health and choose life.

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