Tobacco And Disease Causing Elements

The theory goes like this- since nicotine is the culprit in bringing in the addiction towards tobacco and tobacco products, if you get a supply of nicotine through some means other than cigarette smoke, you will be able to give up cigarettes very easily. Nicotine replacement therapy helps in this as it can double your probability of staying off cigarettes and smoking. Smoking kills the smoker, but nicotine does not. The World Health Organization has estimates which state that tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemicals, of which nicotine is just another one. Nicotine does not cause any disease, so if you can manage it without smoking cigarettes, then you can easily stay off cigarettes and smoking, and can derive and enjoy some health benefits.

Cigarette smoke contains various types of poisonous elements. Tar, carbon monoxide, ammonia and arsenic are just a few to name. In fact, at least 60 chemicals that are present in cigarette smoke are known to induce cancers in the smoker. Not many people know that nicotine is actually a part of the food chain and humanity consume it everyday in different forms and through numerous food items such as potato, tomato, cauliflower, eggplants, bell pepper, chilli peppers, and even some kind of tea leaves. It is known to increase or improve the mood, concentration and memory power of the user and is a subject of concentrated medical research to find out a panacea to treat a number of diseases. This list includes depression, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s; just to name a few.

There are several alternatives and products that supplies one with nicotine other than in the form of cigarette smoke. Some of them are nicotine patches, nicotine gums and puffers, otherwise called inhalers. All these products are designed to give one with a measured dose of nicotine. Drug and pharma companies are working on it to realize a nicotine drug that has no other added chemicals. The first one has already hit the market and is termed as a smoking alternative for people that cannot and do not wish to smoke; and, the product is called nicotine water. The advantage of this is that when smokers find it hard to prevent the temptation, they can simply take a few gulps of this nicotine water. It is very convenient, refreshing, and the user gets the additional benefit of getting hydrated by drinking this water.

This method included in the smoking cessation program has witnessed a steep rise in popularity and more products delivering pure and organic nicotine is set to hit this segment of the market in the forthcoming years. Nicotine has definitely undergone an image change. In the past, nicotine has suffered from an image problem; this is attributed to its association with cigarettes and smoking. However, with the publishing of the latest medical research findings, people have started seeing the health benefits of organic nicotine as well. One can expect to see more and more similar products soon as medical researchers are working on this area.

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