The Dangerous Harms Caused by Cigarettes

Many people like to smoke, and they want to express their emotions by smoking. At the same time, many people dislike cigarettes, as cigarettes can really cause various dangerous harms to the human body. Some people even regard cigarettes as poison and disaster. The dangerous harms caused by cigarettes will be explained as follows. Although a cigarette only weighs less than one gram, it can release a large number of toxic chemical substances which can seriously threaten the physical health of smokers. The poor-quality cigarettes even contain high contents of various heavy metals like lead and cadmium. In fact, heavy metal is just a small part among the chemical substances produced by cigarettes. When a cigarette is lighted, it can at least produce more than 4000 kinds of chemical substances. 69 kinds of these substances can seriously cause cancer. These carcinogens mainly include nicotine, amine, alcohol, alkane, nitrogen oxides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy metals, organic pesticide and so on. All of them can enter the internal organs of the human body to destroy the normal physical activities. If the cigarette is lighted by a liquefied lighter, the danger caused by butane must be first challenged. Butane can cause many uncomfortable symptoms including headache and sickness after it enter the human body. Then it can cause various oxidation reactions to produce carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, cadmium, arsenic and so on. The lighted cigarette can further release other substances, such as methyl alcohol and nicotine. The toxic chemical substances caused by smoking can cause various diseases inside the human body, such as ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, respiratory tract infection and tuberculosis. Except these diseases, nearly all the body parts can be hurt by smoking. Smoking can thin down the hair and reduce the melanin. It can also increase the risks of getting senile macular degeneration and gum diseases. What’s more, smoking can accelerate the aging and cause wrinkles. In addition, nicotine can cause under-eye puffiness. In order to help people maintain the physical health, medical experts expect the smokers to quit smoking. Some smokers also want to stop smoking, but they think to quit smoking is vary hard to realize. In fact, some skills can help the smokers to stop smoking. For example, the smokers can ask some friends to supervise themselves. They can even use some medicines to strengthen the effect. The most important point is that the smokers must have willpower of quitting smoking.

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