Reasons To Quit Smoking

Let me ask you a question? Do you think you should you quit your smoking habit? Do you want to quit cigarettes?

Before you answer, perhaps you can ponder this!

Everybody has their own personal reason to quit or to keep smoking. It is quite obvious that the best reason to quit smoking is because it is bad for your health. There really is just no denying that fact. Even if some heavy smokers manage to survive well into their old age, smoking certainly did not help them get there!

Most people are now vaguely aware at some level, that each and every cigarette they smoke is akin to taking a small stab at their life. There are around 4000 poisonous substances in cigarettes, 80 of which are commonly well known to  cause cancer. Lung damage istherefore seemingly absolutely inevitable and lung cancer is also highly likely.

Another reason why some smokers quit smoking is because of the financial impact of smoking. Each smoke seems to be a waste of money at a time when eachand every cent is valuable. The accumulated dollar amount of cigarettes purchased (around $6000 pa for the average smoker) is like your money simply being burned up in smoke. There are certainly a lot more productive and healthier things to spend your hard earned money on.

If you do not care about particularly about your own health, then perhaps you might like to consider the health damage you may inadvertently be inflicting on others who live with you. The fact is that second hand smoke is even more hazardous to health than the smoke that you inhale as a smoker. Second hand smoke stays a longer time in the air, invisible and unnoticed, potentially deadly.  Those who live around the area cannot escape breathing it in. Thus, smoking at home will also increase and/or exacerbate respiratory conditions and  illnesses such as colds, asthma, allergies and cancer for everyone visiting or living in your home, such as your family, friends, your children and even your beloved pets.

Aside from the financial and health reasons, another valid reason to quit cigarettes is because of the damage it can make to your appearance or looks. Smoking is proven to rob your skin of its health and vitality. It makes one prone to dryness or even pimples and other blemishes and over time it will make your skin age, wrinkle, sag, and wear out faster than it would normally do.  This is a combination of the dehydrating effect smoking has on your skin (and entire body) as well as the free radical damage brought about by all the toxins entering your body through the skin and lungs from your cigarette.

There are a multitude of personal reasons people have for quitting. Some people have been asked to quit by their family, their loved ones, even friends and workmates, whom are all of course concerned.  It does not really matter what the main reason for quitting smoking is, the most important thing is to quit, starting right here and right now. Quit, for you and for your reasons.  Quit because you want to quit, not just for family and loved ones but predominantly for you. It might be tough at the start. It might even be tougher if you are going through some issues right now, since cigarettes have always been used as a crutch to help you get through. However, once you have decided that you want to quit and have identified your reasons for wanting to be a non-smoker, whatever they are for you, then the next step is easy.

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