We have helped many, many people become non-smokers and we would like to help you too!

If you start smoking again after you initial quit smoking session with us, we will honour and uphold our *guarantee! This means you will receive as many follow up sessions as you need (dependent upon your guarantee option) to assist you in reaching your goal of becoming a non-smoker. That is our promise and commitment to our clients. (*lifetime guarantee –  *12 month guarantee or – *1 month guarantee – see below for further clarification of the guarantee options)

For those who need a follow up session (and most need only 1 more session), we do these AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

So that means if you really want to quit, we guarantee we will work with you at no extra charge. We DO NOT guarantee that you will quit because only you can guarantee that – our *guarantee is for follow up sessions at no charge! 


Quit Smoking Guarantee

*Our Lifetime Guarantee as described above is charged at $595 – unlimited follow up sessions. Our 12 month guarantee as described above is charged at $395 – up to 2 additional follow up sessions within 12 months of initial quit smoking session. Our 1 month guarantee is charged at $295 – up to 1 additional follow up session within 4 weeks initial quit smoking session. Remember that we DO NOT guarantee that you will quit as only you can do that – our guarantee is for follow up sessions at no charge!

We do not give a money back guarantee! Why? Because, offering a money back guarantee creates conflict in the mind.

A money back guarantee creates an unconscious conflict between the part of the mind that wants to give up smoking and the part of your mind that wants to get back the money spent on the session, and consequently sometimes people start smoking again in an attempt to relieve the conflict. When the subconscious mind is in conflict its natural reaction is to do nothing and so a money back guarantee can sometimes mean that you wont even quit to begin with!

So isn’t a guarantee, a lifetime guarantee or lifetime support guarantee the same thing as a money back guarantee? Quite simply NO!

Offering additional free follow up sessions for the lifetime guarantee, 12 month guarantee and 1 month guarantee  instills confidence in us and confidence in your ability to succeed in quitting.

People also ask, how long will the people offering those so-called lifetime guarantees be around? Will they still be in business in 2 years, 5 years or 10 years time if I need to go back?

Well, we can’t answer for others, and some have definitely “shut up shop” so to speak.

However, we have been in the Allied/Natural Health Industry, in private practice in one form or another for over 20 years. And we intend to continue operating for many, many more years to come. Even as our company evolves and expands, you can be assured that we, Dave Allan & Sharon Sims, will honour our commitment to uphold the no-charge follow up sessions as specified in our guarantee.

Many people are currently out there fear mongering and running other practitioners down, we are simply going about our business of assisting people with their desire to change their lives and habits, and we would like to assist you too.

We do not and cannot guarantee that you will quit smoking! Hypnosis is simply a collaborative effort between client and hypnotherapist and ultimately the results achieved are up to the client. So why not allow us to help you achieve the results you desire?

Call us TODAY at New Dimension Vitality on 08 9433 4706 to discuss how our *Guarantee can help you quit smoking for life.

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