Hypnotic Journey

Dave invites you to join him on a Hypnotic Journey (Hypno-Journey) – a wonderful and unique way to experience change and achieve results.

What is a hypno-journey you may ask?

Quite simply, hypno-journeys are like dreaming while not asleep!  

Such dreaming can be planned and worded, as in creative visualisation, to achieve a specific goal.  Creative visualisation can certainly be incorporated into the hypnotic journey sessions, but in our journeys, we initiate the hypno-journey through scripted imagery, but then allow you to be guided by spontaneous communication from the subconscious.

A hypno-journey is an innovative way to experience change and achieve individual results. It’s a journey that consists of hypnotherapy, coaching, hypnotic story telling and metaphor in a supportive and uplifting group environment. During your hypno-journey, your subconscious is consciously sought and engaged by hypnotic suggestions.

The aim of hypno-journeys is a two-way communication where you eperience your consciousness seeking and dipping into the subconscious, bringing it’s healing, creativity and wisdom back into your everyday life.

During your hypno-journey, Dave will offer your subconscious mind all the tools it requires for you to achieve your goal, make your change, see results.

Yes, this is a group environment – but with a difference!  It is more of an individual journey, with other people having their own individual journey experience within the group environment!

So stop hesitating and come and experience our unique ongoing “Hypno-Journey”.

 Hypnotic Journeys can assist with such things as stress relief, abundance, anxiety, negativity, weight loss, confidence, anger, alcohol issues and much more.  Whatever you wish to achieve from your Hypnotic Journey, you can certainly achieve these individuals results within the supportive group environment!

Commencing July 2016 – Hypno-Journey!

Ocean Reef and Fremantle.

So, how much will it cost you to experience a Hypno-Journey?

$99 – that’s right only $99 for a 4 week Hypnotic Journey!

(The Hypno-Journey experience is ongoing and you can continue indefinitely. However, you must join the journey for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks, and pay in 4 week blocks)

Summary of what you will receive for your $99 investment:

*1-on-1 Personal Coaching & Hypnosis with Perth’s number 1 “Vitality Success Consultants”

* Complimentary – Your very own copy of “How To Get A Bigger Bite Out Of Life”  – (retails at $19.95 – Dave is Co-Author)

* Bonus Hypnosis Relaxation MP3 – complimentary

*4 week Hypno-Journey – each journey consists of Hypnosis, Coaching, NLP, 1-1½ Hour Group Sessions

*Access to Closed FB Group for ongoing support & encouragement – an important part of the journey

*A cuppa & snack on arrival – optional and not the reason you are there

*Ability to achieve your individual goals and results

 Call Dave on 0424 900 427 to find out more or see the event calendar at bottom of website for dates.

Hypnotic Journey in Perth

Dave is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Qualified Coach, Quit Smoking Specialist, ELP & NLP Practitioner and Certified Stage & Street Hypnotist – the perfect, experienced guide on your Hypno-Journey!

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