How To Quit Smoking Perth team – Sharon & Dave – share an ex smokers story!

How To Quit Smoking Perth team Sharon and Dave share an ex smokers true and candid story…..It’s a must read!!

How to quit smoking Perth article by Dean HopkinsHi my name is Dean and I offered to write a post for Sharon and Dave here at How to Quit Smoking Perth because I fully support what they are doing to help people quit smoking and more importantly to quit smoking fast. As an ex smoker myself obviously I am passionate about the subject but before you start going off with that thought of “Oh don’t you just hate the ex smokers” I want you to just stop and take time to read what I have to say because I really believe it might help you. I also want to help Sharon and Dave in their mission  in How to quit smoking Perth so this post will be candid…. I will tell it exactly how it is!

How to quit smoking Perth  – How I managed to quit after 20 years!!

I’ll be honest and tell you that there were times when I thought I would never be able to quit and this is what I said to Sharon and Dave at How to quit smoking Perth. Not only that but the real problem for so many years was I didn’t really want to quit. I know it sounds crazy but even though I knew how bad it was for my health, how much money I was wasting and how anti social it had become, deep down I didn’t really want to quit.

You want to know why? Because I enjoyed it and I know this is the big problem for smokers. There are just some cigarettes that you really enjoy. The ones after a meal, the first puff in the morning and what about those ones when you are having a drink with friends!! You start to think to yourself that life just won’t be so enjoyable without a smoke at those times. Sure you know there are quit a few cigs you have during the day that are not actually that nice, in fact I remember I used to think to myself sometimes “God, that was horrible” and actually only smoke half a cigarette. When I think about it I might as well have just thrown a few dollars down the drain everyday but when I think about how to quit smoking they still weren’t big enough reason’s to quit.

The Real Problem with trying to stop smoking is this….

Thinking that you don’t really want to give up is in my opinion one of the biggest if not the biggest problems with trying to quit smoking. I remember how I would avoid all the adverts on TV showing people dying of cancer, pictures of blackened lungs destroyed by years of smoking and shots of people on breathing apparatus. I would simply not even notice the pictures on the side of my cigarette packets and I would try to change the conversation whenever the word Quit came up. Talk about how to quit smoking I couldn’t even face the question of needing to give up.

And I’ll tell you some of the stupid things I did… trying to smoke when I had a cold. You know how utterly stupid it is and it doesn’t even taste nice but I still tried to force that smoke into my lungs as if I really needed it, I mean your lungs are filled with catarrh and you try and smoke, cough your guts up and try to pretend it’s all ok. I used to laugh at other smokers who used to say to me…”Oh I’m not that bad I can go without a smoke when I have a cold“. I laughed because they used to say it as if that was some great achievement and then carry on smoking their 15th cigarette of the day. I can tell you some of those people are still smoking now!!!..and I think one or two may even be dead, and I’m not kidding.

How to Quit Smoking Perth…Feeling like a social Outcast

You know one of the things that started to get to me, more than the health and the money thing was feeling like a social outcast. I gave up about 6 or 7 years ago now and over the years before that smoking had become less and less popular. Places you could smoke in public grew less and smokers started to become like lepers or something. I know it must be even worse now and trust me as much as I support people giving up I also know how terrible it feels to have to smoke sometimes. Always thinking about where you can have a quick drag, trying to steal a quick smoke before you go into a restaurant and feeling fidgety after your meal because you are desperate for that after meal smoke. Having to stand outside when it’s freezing cold to have a smoke and always feeling self conscious at dinner parties when you disappear out to the pergola area for a quick smoke and come back in smelling of smoke.

Excuse the pun but smoking really was becoming a bit of a DRAG!!!

This is one of the things I told Sharon and Dave at How to Quit smoking Perth that started to motivate me to actually want to give up smoking. This Social Outcast feeling was affecting how I could enjoy my life and it was making smoking not so fun anymore…Excuse the pun but smoking really was becoming a bit of a DRAG!!!

My Turning point in how to quit smoking

So I know if you are reading this then you are probably a smoker and you are trying to find a way how to quit smoking. You probably have all sorts of worries and fears just like I did and you probably also think you have reasons to not give up. You might also be one of those people who is always saying that you could give up easily if you wanted to…or that perhaps you will just become a social smoker….haha…if there is such a thing these days!! Well there was a turning point for me and it made all the difference….

Sorry but this bit will hurt!!!

Believe me when I tell you I understand completely what you are going through…but all those things you tell yourself, all those excuses you keep making. they are all rubbish to be honest, they are nothing more than self delusions and the truth is they will kill you in the end and you know it!!!…just as I knew it. And I know that really you beat yourself up inside everyday about it, and I know that really, deep down you do wish you could just quit smoking and it not be a problem to do so.

The key is you need to think in terms of being a ‘non smoker‘ not just an ‘ex smoker‘. You need to feel like you do not need a cigarette and not that you are just resisting the need to have a cigarette. Willpower alone is not always enough! You need to change the way you think about quitting all together.

I will say this again…the key is you need to change the way you think about quitting!!

This was the turning point for me. I started to see quitting smoking not as giving something up but as gaining something. I trained myself to think of it as gaining a new life as a non smoker. I would gain freedom. I would gain control of my life. I would gain a self confidence that if I could beat this..if I could crack it then I could do anything.

I began to see quitting smoking as changing my life for the better!!!

How to quit smoking Perth – This is how!!!

Now the truth is I didn’t know Sharon and Dave then and so I had to do it the hard way…totally cold turkey, no patches, gum or anything like that. I had tried all that before and it didn’t work for me. What I knew is that this was a mind thing and lucky for me I had started reading about hypnosis and so I conditioned my mind in the right way. But if I had known Sharon and Dave the How to Quit smoking Perth team then I would have used them. I believe in the power of the mind and how using hypnosis to quit smoking is a great tool to help.

What I can tell you is the feeling you get once you have beaten the beast and given up smoking far outweighs anything you think you will lose.

If you are at the stage of possibly taking some action then I wish you the very best of luck and not only do I recommend you talk to Sharon and Dave at How to Quit smoking Perth but I shall give you a few words of encouragement.



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