Health Effects of Smoking That Every Smoker Should Know

Smoking was once thought to be “cool” and many people, especially the younger generation attempting to emulate the more experienced folks energetically participated and quickly became addicted and vulnerable to the Health Effects Of Smoking, without thinking, and in the case of youth, without the experience and knowledge needed to consider future consequences.

Youth, peer pressure, and sometimes just pure innocence have a way of misleading us at times, but those times are the times that most of us commonly look back on as we progress in Life, experience preventable health risks and say, “If only I could go back and do things differently”.

Armed with modern day information on the health risks of smoking, a lot of current smokers would probably go back to prevent the negative health effects if they could, in any case, they could surely find the incentive to stop smoking from the alarming facts.

Because of the approximately four thousand different chemicals coming from cigarette smoke, many of which are toxic, a person’s organ functions and immune system can be affected if a smoker-smokes for a long time. Occasionally, in minimal cases, a smoker will experience negative affects to the internal organs and immune system after less than a year of smoking.

Chemicals in cigarette smoke affect the Human body in many ways:

The nicotine gets to the brain in just a matter of seconds after inhaling cigarette smoke and is found in all parts of a smoker’s body, including in the breast milk of nursing mothers.

Carbon monoxide binds itself to the red coloring matter of red blood corpuscles called hemoglobin which deliver life giving oxygen to the body’s tissues – hemoglobin also delivers carbon dioxide from body tissues to the lungs.

The much heard of carcinogens cause cancer and damage genes that control cell growth, influencing them to form abnormally or to generate to fast, whereas a carcinogen known as benzopyrene binds itself to smokers’ major organs and airways.

Chemicals from cigarette smoke also induce a physiological reaction called oxidative stress to occur. The oxidative stress causes DNA to mutate and brings about inveterate lung injury. Oxidative stress is also suspected to be behind the aging process which contributes to cancer development and heart disease.

Antioxidants that the body produces help it to repair its damaged cells, but smoking inhibits the production of those antioxidants.

The health effects of smoking that every smoker should know about but apparently does not, impact the body with unnecessary health risks that if known about and understood, would most-likely-cause all smokers to reconsider their asinine choice.

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