Harmful Effects of Smoking

Harmful Effects of Smoking

If you go out to public places, you may realize that there are many No Smoking signs placed everywhere. Why is this so? On one hand, shop owners would want people to stop smoking in their shops in order to avoid disturbing others. However, on the other hand, the truth remains that smoking does indeed have harmful effects and all smokers should attempt to stop smoking today. Whether it is through using quit smoking fake cigarettes or free patches, it is crucial to protect one’s health and body from the harmful effects of smoking. Although you will feel withdrawal symptoms from stopping smoking, you will be able to avoid extensively damaging effects of smoking as highlighted in this article.

One of the strategies to quit smoking is to look at its extremely horrifying effects on your body. Smoking harms and damages your mouth and throat. First, it can cause you to have permanently stained teeth and extremely bad breath. This is very unattractive, and if you want to have a presentable image and look good, you should follow the “stop smoking” advice that is readily available in stop smoking organizations and seminars.

Surface looks aside, smoking can also lead to gum diseases and seriously damage your sense of taste. If the damage has gotten to such a far extent, then it is ideal to get quit smoking help immediately. Gum diseases can lead to the rotting of your mouth and teeth, and damaging your senses is simply not wise. Not only will you be able to enjoy food, it will also lead to basic difficulties in your eating habits and indirect harms to your oral hygiene and health.

One of the main reasons to stop smoking is the increased risk of seriously damaging your mouth and throat area. The chances of you getting cancer in your gullet, throat, voice box, tongue and lips are increased significantly if you smoke regularly, and do not find ways to quit smoking. The consequences are dire – if you do not stop smoking, you may have long term suffering, be on lifetime medication and have to undergo chemotherapy. Needless to say, the most harmful effect of smoking is death. Hence, it is in your interest to quit smoking if you want to have a smoke free and fulfilling life ahead.


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