Effects of Smoking ? 6 Methods to Quit Smoking

The effects of smoking are detrimental to your health and those around you. That is why it is so important for you to quit smoking now! In this article we will discuss some of the ways to kick this nasty habit.  There are 6 methods we will discuss.

One strategy is to try “Nicotine Therapies” or “Nicotine Replacement Therapies” (NRT’s).  The soon to be ex-smoker uses calculated doses of nicotine to minimize cravings for cigarettes and keep the soon to be ex-smoker in a balanced state as the nicotine dosage is gradually reduced.  Nicotine substitution can also be accomplished by using nicotine-laced chewing gum.  This method is not as effective as previously believed because sometimes it can lead to an addiction to the gum.  Inhalers, nasal sprays, and transdermal skin patches are other devices that can be used for the same purpose.

Drugs, prescribed by your doctor, such as Bupropion or Zyban, Buspirone, or BuSpar proved to be of tremendous help to chain smokers in limiting smoking addiction.  Basically, these drugs are antidepressants and are prescribed to patients for depression, but they are also greatly effective in controlling the smoking habit.

Hypnosis is a form of psychotic therapy that is less invasive and has been found to be very helpful in lessening the smoking obsession.  Hypnosis or NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) is used to replace smoking with something altogether more exciting and fulfilling.

The negative stimuli method for quitting smoking involves giving small electric shocks that lead the smoker to a reluctance to smoke.

Rapid smoking or satiation smoking is a method in which the smoking is made to smoke twice the number of cigarettes as usual making them sick.  Therefore, the smoker develops an aversion to smoking.

Cold turkey.  This method is just what it sounds like, the smoker just decides to quit.  They go through the withdrawals, fight the cravings, and just quit.

All of these methods require one major ingredient and that is the desire and the willpower of the smoker to quit.  The most important thing to remember and think about are “all” the benefits you will receive when you rid yourself of all the devastating effects of smoking and live the life you were meant to live, healthier and smoke free.  Just quit!!


I have never smoked nor do I ever intend to smoke. However, I have been exposed to the effects of smoking most of my life. I lost my mother recently to cigarettes. She was my best friend. I miss her every day. If you don’t want to leave someone missing you, then visit http://www.squidoo.com/effect-of-smoking and learn how to quit smoking and stay around to watch your loved ones grow up.

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